Posted by: jruthkelly | January 8, 2010

Vital Visual . . .

So much ice on our worlds these days, it motivated me to unearth a photo from the big snow of last month. But I’ve precious little to say today, words and impressions of rich support quiet me on levels needful. This is the winter. The time of pulling in, of disintegration and preparation. Nature, life hibernates here . . .

Magnolia Freeze

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  1. timeless photo,
    beautiful post.

  2. Phoenix is looking very inviting right now. It’s a good chance we will be moving there. It will be SOOO good to get out of this cold.

    • Phoenix?! That’s quite a MOVE. Yes sir. The cold get’s old old old. Hey…Dr. SPOTS has graced me…I like. :0) hugs…

  3. Poking in after seeing you at Jaymie’s place…lovely photo and sentiment. I’ll ponder this all day. Thank you.

    • Glad for your visit…hope to see you again and I look forward to peeking in on your own world. Peace…

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