Court Links Autism and MMR . . .

It’s becoming more and more difficult to ignore the evidence against the toxic bombardment posing as “public health”  and erupting in a hushed rash of severe reactions to vaccinations. The “rash” is spreading thickly, surely and consistently and doesn’t qualify as such anymore. It’s more like a steady stream of severe reactions to vaccination.

The following link to Dr. Mercola’s latest update on the vaccination debate is rich with intelligent information and resources. And brings more clarity to the issue of vaccination reactions and damages:

Read it all. Read the comments. Some kind soul (from a wonderful vaccine blog) refers to the unintentional damage to children and I find myself lacking that same kindness. When parents report and report and report accurately and persistently those reactions severe and damages permanent and real and are ignored, the issue is this: pharma didn’t mean NOT to inflict harm and on significant levels,  neither did the participating medical institutions and related professionals. Not only has pharma not intended to not inflict harm but it has intended to ignore studiously and corruptly the valid and intelligent reports of severe reactions to vaccinations. Seems like a semantics fixation but there is “We didn’t intend” and then there is a much more aware, much more alert, much more “first do no harm” labor of diligence that says: “We intended NOT to allow any harm to the very best of our abilities.” No one can say this with any credibility and remain connected to promoting mandatory vaccination or the ridiculously negligent schedule shoving itself into the layers of humanity most vulnerable.

Pharma industry, with a vigourous nod from the AMA, has railroaded and rammed their fixes, fast-tracking new and untested (by standards truly capable of accurate and responsible results) vaccines for ills so complex and diverse that to propose “immunization” is to suggest omnipotence. Pharma needs some serious couch time. Vaccines don’t morph as fast as viruses. As soon as they are conjured in the minds of the latest brilliant deviser of things allegedly “preventive,” they are out-dated by sheer diversity in replication and mutation of the very disease they seek to eradicate.

If you don’t follow Dr. Mercola, just for informative purposes, it’s a great idea to give him a look.

Now, that’s my ugly rant and “fundie” pulpit pound for the week. Back to the less controversial zones of cultivating personal growth. But not before I assert this consideration: How do we grow if we don’t give ourselves permission to get angry where and when it really matters? U.S. citizens need to be outraged. But first awake and aware of the campaign that exploits fear of childhood disease in order to promote an “unintended” stream of new and permanent disabilities in the name of “prevention.” That was not the original intent but that is what it has become and not without the awareness of those who continue to manufacture a new era of illness. 

I’m sure there’s a whole stream of drugs available to manage their symptoms.

Okay…enough already.


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