The Morality Police – A Study In Immorality

I don’t often check the news, not intentionally anyway. But this morning I just felt to check. It’s good to know what the latest big “thing” is. It’s not like I’ve not been peeking in on healthcare reform. It’s not like I haven’t noticed the headlines as I go to my yahoo e-mail account. It’s not gotten past me that the headlines have had more domestic violence news in the past year than in the past 2 years. All the world’s upset, teetering on the edge of financial and global collapse (or so it seems) and the woman-beaters are pumping up their confidence on the faces of those they “love.” When all else fails, beat your woman, eh?!

But I mostly avoid the news. I get supremely outraged with the Swine Flu stupidity. I mean really. I practically foam at the mouth. Rabid protest. How dare anyone do what these so-called …. ok. Enough.

This one grabbed my heart: “Woman tried for wearing pants faces fine, not flogging.”

Embedded video from CNN Video 

Ah, those generous souls in Sudan. They “offered” to flog her immediately! She refused their kink “services” and the alternative fine! But this woman has resigned from her position at the U.N. in order to waive, *repeat* WAIVE (surrender, refuse, give up) the immunity her job provides her against such acts of lunacy. She could walk away without a penalty. She’s running towards it refusing all penalties. Now there’s a fresh twist to core cultural creative!

Women in Sudan not adhering to the “dress code” capture my attention, always. It’s hilarious the police who raid parties to check for “immoral” attire are dubbed the “morality police.” First off, you get to sign up for scoping a place for t&a and then you get to tell yourself you’re doing it to protect the world from immorality (to connect the beauty of the body with immorality is tragic, obviously). And THEN you get to “offer” 40 lashes! I’d venture to guess the world of kink services would be appalled at the insult to their own code of ethics. But suffice to say the hypocrisy of it is excelled only by the sheer ugliness of such a rape of innocence in the name of “innocence.” And they apparently protest sheer “blouses” that look more like draping gorgeous scarves. Good god, my favorite.

For a glimpse at Lubna al-Hussein and her courage, click here: A Revolution.

Find her on Facebook and send your support.

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