It’s a treat to explore Leslie White’s art…have a look!

Leslie White

The above painting was created  with the use of textured rice papers, watercolor, ink and white goauche. It is an attempt to begin a watercolor and rice paper collage in the same way as the  previous post here. While working on it, we were to search for something recognizable and bring it forward without the use of a photo reference. We relied only on the imagery we saw appear before us and created from that imagery.

The above is my cruciform design that I started with.  I splattered and encouraged dripping. At this stage, I was seeing two mountainous forms with a valley between.

I glued down some torn pieces of rice paper using the water and acrylic matte medium mixture. I fully intended for them to take the shape of  craggy cliffs because that is what I saw, at this stage.

As I added another layer of paint…

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  1. I love this exploration with rice paper. The textures are great and add depth to the images. Thanks for sharing one of my favorites Leslie has done lately.

    1. Meant to do it long ago… 🙂 Love your colors! [Actually, this was posted on 4/4 but had a glitch of some kind – tried again! In my head it hadn’t happened right/yet!]

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