Creative Services

J. Ruth Kelly/Yellow Dress Productions provides creative services including speaker/author management, publishing support & social media management for truth advocates & love brewers.

Truth advocates & love brewers seek out more effective, equitable, sustainable, restorative, just, integrity-centered, inclusive, scientific, democratic, globally-minded, earth-conscious, tolerant, love-centered solutions and practices in every area of their lives. Their principles inform their business. They want to grow personally, socially and globally. They accept challenge. They self-examine and welcome accountability. They welcome bliss and self-discipline. They cherish their health. They do not mind challenging the status quo and while valuing loyalty, will not allow it to become a toxic safe-haven against needful reform in every institution and layer of life. They explore. They question. They encourage. And when it’s time, they shun denial. They point out corruption from time to time in the interest of making a difference and in the hopes to create a better world. They believe in the power of speaking up and speaking out. And sometimes they need publishing support services & social media management. Since I’m a truth advocate and love brewer as well, it works out beautifully.

Yellow Dress Productions seeks to facilitate, amplify and restore soulfulness in every layer of life’s stories through a revolution of love, an awakening to the truth that we are love, all of us, no matter how obscured our love-being has become.

“Yellow Dress” symbolizes the best of personhood, of awareness, of abandon, of soulful unfolding into life.

Publishing Support and Social Media Management – These two services often dovetail each other, enabling me to work with clients as they expand their vision and embark on maintaining a certain level of social media presence. The focus, in social media management, is less about some elusive ROI and more about cultivating an appropriate platform for clients who are particularly invested in staying accessible to their customers via the great connecting power of the internet while also opening doors for new business relationships. Publishing support encompasses everything from basic proofing to more comprehensive editing, suggested re-writes, CreateSpace publishing (set-up to uploading to finalizing and publishing), and all the applicable format/layout/brand (working with the fabulous Kristine Putt’s Paragon Moon) needs. Publishing support packages vary from the basics to online marketing and social media campaigns relevant to the published work.


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