Creating Verse

Phil Rockstroh, rockin’ the truth . . .

“Both fundamentalist religious types and reductionist materialist true believers both are anthropocentric in their concept of divinity–both insist the language of the cosmos speak the language of man–whether it be religious dogma or scientific lexicon. The closer one comes to approaching the sublime…the more deeply the recognition arrives that it communicates (impersonally) by way of symbolic speech–the thoughts of the heart–visions, dreams, poetic insights. To insist that the cosmos speak our language is to ghettoize the soul of the world…The act imprisons one in a concretized belief system. Notice how fond both atheists and fundies are of the words “only” and “just.” While religious types eye the distant heavens–believing life on earth is merely a dismal slog through mortal sin–only the pathetic acts of fallen man, reductionist insist our dreams, visions, imaginings are only fantasies–just metaphysical piffle. Both, in short, have an abundance of hubris squatting in the place their heart should occupy. This makes them very testy…a trait of folks who live in cramped quarters of concretized belief. My suggestion: Open a window…


on the cosmos as it is creating verse.” Phil Rockstroh

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This is a repeat quote but so worth it…

“Love is possible only if two persons communicate with each other from the center of their existence, hence if each one of them experiences himself from the center of his existence. Only in this ‘central experience’ is human reality, only here is aliveness, only  here is the basis of love. Love, experienced thus, is a constant challenge; it is not a resting place, but a moving, growing, working together; even whether there is harmony or conflict, joy or sadness, is secondary to the fundamental fact that two people experience themselves from the essence of their existence, that they are one with each other by being one with themselves, rather than by fleeing from themselves. There is only one proof for the presence of love: the depth of the relationship, and the aliveness and strength in each person concerned; this is the fruit by which love is recognized.” Erich Fromm – The Art of Loving


Quote Quest

This resonates profoundly for me right now:

“Every person is, in part, ‘his own project’ and makes himself.” [Toward A Psychology of Being]And on that note I’m noting an addition on my blog, two additions. The first one is more recent. The second one is a page I just didn’t point out yet due to busy times (I’m more busy now!).

First: Quote Quest. This page consists of quotes I especially appreciate and whose communication reflects concepts and ideals I embrace.

Second: Miscellaneous and Random History. This page is an ongoing work focusing on specific details of my life. The idea of this page is that it serve to illuminate why I focus on certain subjects on my blog. There are reasons…motivations and a vision underneath it all.