Sites of Inspiration


An example of their offerings: “The question that we ask ourselves is, what protects you? What protects you in this world from sadness and from the loss of an ability to do something? For me, what protects me … is work and love. And I think that those two things cover pretty much every single thing. Because what you do, who you love, what you love, and what you do with your time is really the only question that you have to answer.” Maira Kalman

The Accidental Pointillist:

The above link connects to my blog for pointillism and all things “point” which mainly leads back to the source of all things. It includes a few displays of my dotty expression as well as photos, videos and anything I can scrounge up to make the point.

Yellow Dress Productions:

YDP is the home base for my creative services which include speaker/author management, publishing support services and social media management.

Christopher J. Coulson:

I found Christopher Coulson accidentally. But there are no accidents. And that’s a good summary of our work together that spanned almost 6 years (off and on as I was able). Christopher helped me open doors for myself in personal growth, providing a challenging and safe place for me to reflect (and roil!) as needed in my path of discovery as I walked out of religious oppression and into deeper, more soulful living. He has a unique style that evokes a tremendous response to love and in love while keeping sight of practical concerns and goals for sustainable life change. His soul is a feast of creativity and compassion. Check out his blog for the gifted:

Maryphyllis Horn’s Center:

Maryphyllis Horn first entered my life when I needed spiritual guidance. That guidance grew into depth healing through her shamanic practice, including soul retrieval and integration as well as ancestral line clearing. She then became my teacher in these same practices, enabling me to learn healing practices with specific training in soul retrieval/integration and ancestral line clearing. I initially entered the work with her with an open heart but no real solid faith in shamanic practice (only for lack of exposure). I had more faith in the sense of being led. The results sealed my faith in the intuitive path when inspired by earnest desire for wholeness and…nothing else. Shamanism, like any other path of transformation, has its groupies and its guru-hopefuls. Maryphyllis Horn is the real thing, revealing the transforming power, not only of the quest for wholeness, but of the shamanic path.

Tom Cowan’s Riverdrum:

Tom Cowan’s shapeshifting workshop reinforced my faith in shamanic practice and deepened my appreciation for his unique and soulful vision.

Builders Of The Adytum:

BOTA came my way a few years back via another influence I cherish, listed here. I embrace their work personally and have submitted myself to the guidance of this path in recognition and respect of the way my life has fashioned my capacity for such inspiration. BOTA embodies what I cherish and aspire to on many levels. Ironically, I’ve been stuck on their first stage of development…but that’s changing rapidly these days. I wouldn’t budge until I felt the passion and commitment on deeper levels. If curious as to the meaning of “adytum” (holy of holies), click the above link or this.

Gin Getz:

High Mountain Musing:

Gin Getz muses beautifully, transporting you to the best of high mountain medicine. I don’t know what I’d do without her presence. Gin’s expression continues to unfold through her progression in developing and the feast of it is well worth a daily taste…

Joanna Macy:

Joanna Macy has ushered in a deeper work of acceptance of my spiritual path through her translations of Rainer Maria Rilke, along with Anita Barrows, in “Book of Hours – Love Poems To God”. Having had a precognitive awareness that I would walk away from my childhood beliefs, this translation was a helpful support during that phase when it finally did happen. A sense of divine presence taking my hand was made more palpable and solid by Macy and Barrow’s beautiful work. We are not always ready to know what we know. And yet: “I yearn to be held in the great hands of your heart…Into them I place these fragments, my life, and you, God–spend them however you want.”

Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology:

Brezsny’s vision and wit brings intelligence and personal growth into focus while challenging every person of every walk of life to go beyond the status quo, to find personal greatness and peace. I don’t always agree with him but I love this guy. His is a huge heart for liberation.

Hilary Barrett’s I Ching with Clarity:

Onlineclarity is a powerhouse of opportunity for learning the I Ching’s ancient wisdom.

Dave Grant’s Website:

Dave’s photos grace this blog here with his permission as well as my art blog – – and are hugely appreciated. But not as much as his presence is appreciated as a friend. I’ve known Dave since ALS days. He’s got a few articles out there…

Dave’s Articles on everything from Gulls to Living on Limulus (um, read it).

Any interest in his photos or work? Contact Dave at the link provided above.

Watercolors By Caroline:

My beautiful sister’s wonderful works and soulful spill.

Information on Alan Watts:

“There is much evidence to show that for anyone who passes through the barrier of loneliness, the sense of individual isolation bursts, almost by dint of its own intensity, into the “all-feeling” of identity with the universe.” Alan Watts – Nature, Man and Woman

American Littoral Society:

I worked with these folks back when Dery Bennett was their Executive Director and Pam Carlsen was their fish tagging coordinator. There has never been a job like that one. The building they worked from at the time is one of 18 on Sandy Hook (where I lived at the time) and commonly referred to as “Officer’s Row.” They’re amazing historical structures. Former servants quarters (upper level) is where the following folks reside now as they did then. Wonderful people to know and work with…

Clean Ocean Action:

Paul Neave’s Amazing World of “We” . . .

I love Paul’s provocative interactive ultimate imagination station!

2 thoughts on “Sites of Inspiration

  1. From one J to another j 🙂
    I found your blog thru Kendra Kett’s list of networked blogs, and it is so beautiful. I have a blog as well, and have tried to sign up to network them but it is all new to me. just wanted to say hello and send you blessings this morning.

    • Hellooo J! I tried to network on your blog (follow you!) and it describes me Diruslgksl or something like that! I’ll have to fix that after classes. Meanwhile, WOW. I love your art. Of course, I’m partial to trees. I’ve got some of my art on http://pointillistponderings. Trees are what I do most these days.

      Thanks for popping in. I sat and drooled over your art after discovering your comment this morning when I should’ve been getting ready for school!

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