Posted by: jruthkelly | May 7, 2010

Hermosos Espíritus

Mis hijos son hermosos espíritus y muy importante a mí. Estoy contenta con mi vida.

I’m preparing my 5th and final final. It is in Spanish. I must speak for five minutes in Spanish, without reading. 

Me gusta hablar en español. Mientras tanto, I have been unable to blog or comment on comments or visit my friends here. I look forward to the summer “break” and to hopefully posting/commenting more steadily. We shall see what life unfolds.

Peace, y’all…

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  1. peace back at you, chick.

    • thank you sir. i’ll take all the peace i can get right now.

  2. Hola, Mon Amie! Ah….Mi Amiga! Quiero MUCHISIMO para tu. Buena Suerte en escuela. Tu Eres muy intelligente y sabe todos esta bien para tu. Adios para ahora! :)

    (I sure as hell hope that says what I think it does! :lol: )

    • hehe. cute! thanks for the well wishes and the vote of confidence in my intelligence… oxo…

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