Vital Visual . . .

Where I Want To Be Right Now

Where I Want To Be Right Now


3 thoughts on “Vital Visual . . .

  1. Blending with nature is about the most peaceful place anyone could ever find.

    Having grown up in the place you describe HPGirl and spending time on rivers such as this, I can not imagine anything more spiritual and uplifting.

  2. That’s a very nice place to imagine being. When I was younger I always imagined being in the middle of a dark forest, with a spot of sunlight coming thru, all by myself. It was what I imagined the place the elves in Lord of the Rings looked like, mixed with the woodland marshy area along the river where my mom’s farm was. I used to go climb the trees with a book and sit there for hours reading and watching the animals meander around below me.

    • Wow…these images you both share make me want to go back to the woods around Tallulah and find the hidden cove above the waters, a place I would go to alone where fallen logs formed a soft seat, moss covering and fallen pine needles lending a subtle fragrance. It was a quiet place except for the water far down below. And the sound only heightened the peace. I remember sitting there in such yummy stillness. The sun barely made it through the canopy of trees. I could look down on the water and see the sun dance off the cool wet spilling over smooth beautiful stones.
      I visited this scene shown here in April…absolutely must go back again before the summer’s end.
      Thank you for sharing this wealth…

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