Vital Visual . . .

It might not be all that vital but it reflects my reality at this point . . .

studying diligently now

known effects of studying late into the early


…and a new twist to brain drool. This is the best I can post at any hour these days . . .


4 thoughts on “Vital Visual . . .

    • Thanks for the kind words. Not sure what you’re asking for here. If I wanted to get photos depicting good study habits, I’d go take pictures of people at a local college or library. Or I’d simply get someone to take photos of me studying. Or I’d simply take pictures of a pile of books or a study/work area. Maybe With the exception of some beautiful nature scenes given me by friends, I do my own photos. You can find photo resources online, pay some hefty fees to have a stock of photos you may or may not like. By the time you dish out the $$ for it, you could’ve bought a fairly decent camera.

  1. Love your blog too Kristy! Was thrilled to discover it.

    I love “Stark raving zen,” it’s a perfect twist. I can really relate to your descriptions.

    Here’s to the strength and courage for those new beginnings…

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