The Meltdown?

Maybe it’s the motherboard. Maybe it’s the hard drive. Maybe. And the freezing rain comes soon again. And. I hijack the pc at school, at my sister’s or wherever I’m able. Writing essays and online banking not much happening when all the wrong things melt! My computer’s on the fritz and I’m about to follow suit but! I’m encouraged to hang in there. And that’s what I’m doing. The sky is blue today. The snow piles right there where I was going to walk and I change direction, turn and grin, ah ha. There’s another obstruction. It reflects the sun and glitters at my frustration, haunts of snowfights and angels and all that makes life…life. And I await the melt most creative. Meanwhile, here’s to warmth and a working pc in my own somewhat workable home!

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11 thoughts on “The Meltdown?

    1. eegads. me too. i have to be able to pound out the words or peek in on favorite blogs or or or! but i appreciate how the days of not having it showed me that i don’t mind a bit of cave time! it’s a mixed bag…i don’t want to over-rely and yet i WRITE. and there’s just nothing like the whiz whir blur of keyboard clicks!

    1. amen cuz…i’ve been a bit frantic since i do manage my home from a master budget/planning file i keep track of daily. and it may be totally lost. last backup was a while ago. so, yee haa. i’m looking at piecing things together. AND i had started writing a book that was spilling out of me like a river. it’s potentially permanently lost. all i can do is shake my head and laugh. nothing to do but start again. 😦 thankfully family has come thru and tossed an old laptop my way. moving along…

        1. Apparently the computer guys were able to retreive about 2GB worth of data from my laptop. I can’t look at it tonight, but I’ll see tomorrow how much of that is photos. Much prayer.

  1. I know that frustration, that real withdrawal far beyond the simple, practical usefulness of a computer … and then there is the human withdrawal which has nothing to do with the mechanical mishaps and meltdowns …

    1. i hear you. it’s like being exiled. those times when you must make like moss and take from the nutrients in the air and on the ground, patching up the earth of your soul without aid or the presence of companions.
      peace to you…

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