Gratitude Interlude…

This is in lieu of my usual response to comments that I so enjoy but am unable to do right now. But I wanted to reach out and give a big hug to my blog-world friends in the meantime. The way my world is going right now I cannot tell when I’ll be back in action here. I miss it. I need the wonderful flow with friends here and the release of creative wordspill. Short of it: three exams; car troubles; parental health stress major (both my parents, in other words); huge elementary school issue getting more complicated and my own surreal fatigue. Brezsny says this is my week to be “uncrazy.” All I have to say is: Muahahahaha! And from what I heard of what a fellow Scorp (and much-cherished niece) just went through, I can only shake my head. Beloved cat parts in the kitchen in the aftermath of a confused equally loved dog gone a bit off-track would make anyone crazy but I suspect my cherished astrologer has a clue these might be the crazier-making days for some of us. I’m heading off to class saying over and over to myself in crazed, mindless fashion: uncrazy. uncrazy. uncrazy. 

In the meantime…hugs y’all! And thanks for the wave of love and kind giftings you’ve sent my way… I get the comment notices and it’s a wonderful warm reprieve while I roll with a few punches here.

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15 thoughts on “Gratitude Interlude…

  1. I’m right there with you! I came here today to tell you nothing more than I love you! No need to respond. We’re all in a flutter right now… 🙂

    xoxo Kristy

  2. When things are craziest, we have infinite possibilities and potential for paying attention, for learning, for listening to the wind in the trees when all other commotion drowns out even our very thoughts … all lines extend from a single point and whether we are expanding or retreating, we remain connected to the center, only our perspective changes. Find your center and breathe and return as often as you must. Hugs!

    1. Thanks for the hugs and the encouragement…i like your words about the single point! Of course, I’m partial to points. And the single point supreme. Appreciate your presence. Peace and hugs…

  3. 😯 Everytime I think things suck, someone makes me feel guilty for even thinking it. Maybe a few more “Mwuahahahaha’s” and real laughter will kick in. I’ll be thinking about you, praying for you and watching eagerly for your hit and miss posts. I believe in you. 🙂

    1. Now you stop that feeling guilty. We all have our own deeply felt sucky times. Don’t gotta be bloody or even very dramatic, it’s enough that it flattens us a bit and gives us pause. Your thoughts, prayers, presence and encouragement are hugely appreciated. I hope to be more regular with my blogging here but We. Shall. See. 🙂 oxo…

    1. Jingle…things are getting well, thank you. It’s mostly just life and sometime “just life” puts you on the sidelines in blogland. Hopefully I’ll be able to be a bit more active here. Hugs…

    1. Aye, that’s my philosophy. Dance with crazy and find your sanity in the dip swoon swing of moon-filled melody. Thank you for the strength and blessings and the very encouraging mention of me in your unexpected gifts section. Your friendship is a balm, Jaymie. Oxo…

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