So I Don’t Forget It…

I just ended a feast of conversing via IM with my friend, sister, comrade in transformation. She shared the previous with me and I wanted to post it somewhere. Here it is since Facebook wouldn’t load fast enough.

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6 thoughts on “So I Don’t Forget It…

  1. Thank you, I have left Croatia before the war started but this song always brings the tears to my eyes and transports me to a different place…the power of music is amazing

    1. it is amazing, isn’t it? i’ve decided it’s the magick of our lives along with the birds singing and. and.

      thank you for stopping by and commenting…

    1. Thank you dearheart…you’re kind to grace me with the overflow of your wealth. Please know I”m doing well just to blog at all so I’m not the best at passing the torch with these awards. But I get the feeling you understand this reality 😉 Love you…

  2. Lord Have Mercy, Woman Angelic! Geez. Okay. First, I love that Your have a comrade in transformation. Brilliant. And this video slayed me. Just slayed me. Thank You (I think!!!) and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    1. She’s my friend from over 25 years ago and we’ve traversed quite a trail. My only complaint is that she lives in georgia with her beautiful daughters and boyfriend. Too far! It slayed me too. And actually, I didn’t realize the impact of the Miss Sarajevo bit until after I posted it. I had only glimpsed the beginning of the video, having been drawn in by the words and music as I listened and typed along. All I initially saw was Pavarotti hugging Princess Diana and then U2. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how diverse the issues and gut-raw serious something so seemingly frivilous can become. This is not what we face in the media here, or in the issues of “keeping face,” not the same monkey, methinks. oxo…

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