Maximum Dosage

“Picture can defend us against image, emotion against feeling, intellect against insight, a dark way of life or personality against soul’s unmanipulable shadow, and, of course, psychology against psyche.” Thomas Moore (Dark Eros)

Once again, and on deeper levels, I’m finding that the life lived in reaction against others’ judgments is a life defending against being alive, being raw, being flawed, being … ultimately? whole.

So. No. More. Open. Every. Door. And. Let. It. In.

And I’m finding forgiveness as magnesium at maximum dosage opens the door for the right nourishment to reach my literal heart muscle. And this discovery came right when I was starting to open my heart up in ways long lost since childhood. I don’t believe it is, any of it, an accident.

Peace, y’all…

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

8 thoughts on “Maximum Dosage

  1. My God, what she said . . .

    Offense, Red, Offense . . .

    Meet the devil at mid-field and kick his pointed tail.

    Love fueled forgiveness is the tool.

    1. ;0) i hear tell he’s God’s devil and sometimes does his bidding with that pointed tail.

      forgiveness, i’m learning, is a multi-layered process. we can think we’ve got it down on an issue or situation then round a corner and discover a new layer of needful attention to forgiveness’ work of love once again. i don’t believe we’re ever “all done.” NOT that a lack of forgiveness caused my illness…

      lovely to hear from you…

  2. Thank you Ruth for sharing this quote. If your readers or you are interested in Thomas Moore’s work, you may want to visit a blog dedicated to him, Barque, at Moore spoke recently about defending against life in a Sounds True podcast, available online.

  3. ruth–there are no coincidences, and how lovely your heart muscle is receiving the care it so needs at the same time your HEART is also changing to receive LIFE.
    you are beautiful, and thank you for sharing so profoundly.

    1. thank you jane, such kind words. it’s amazing how the heart can be open on so many levels and yet still miss out on some significant receptivity. life is kindly (and, at times, brutally) taking a crowbar to some tight spots here.

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