May Melts to June

Mid-April to mid-June unfurls a pretty hefty schedule the likes of which most parents recognize as the spring smash. Or May madness or. Or. It’s comparable to the Christmas season in frenzied demand and sometimes considered worse. I’d have to be one of those who consider it worse. But it’s full of all kinds of overflowing richness of living during which time …

my daughter turned 16 and went to her first prom with her first REAL boyfriend (mom is still getting over the shock of how much she’s grown)
(insert images of teens all over the place, 16 candles, getting real about what’s really important while picking out a 20’s style prom dress, taking tons of pics and laughing over the turn of events that resulted in her path colliding with a special guy just days after we intuitively decided her first real boyfriend probably wouldn’t be from the U.S. – he’s not, of course.)
violins and violas sang in the arms of my two sons at two concerts
soccer finales
end of school year exams
projects surreal (i’m still mad at the workload ridiculous, really?!)
endless mom-taxi scenarios
field trips 20+ hours long (we really must cram it all in at the last minute, it seems)
everyone crawling out of their caves and scheduling get-togethers and and and really?

i need a month-long nap now and am sitting back pretty shocked that i did this last year while going to school (minus the prom).
but here’s a glimpse of the melt…

Sixteen Candles...
prom beauty and bros
boy with the bow
zac in action
beaufort, nc
crystal coast

now… the… summer… (and. and. and.)

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

4 thoughts on “May Melts to June

  1. Whoa! You have been busy. Sounds like all good goings on, though! Love the pictures, JRuth! Congratulations to your daughter and her first Prom and clapping for the musicians. 🙂 Now, rest?

  2. yes..glorious madness…the goo and gak of life.
    it’s all over us…we are sticky to the core of our beings…

    can you imagine wanting any kind of different life?
    me neither.
    blessings–and lovely pics


    1. thanks jane and no, i cannot imagine…’though i wouldn’t mind a few variations of the same wonder… (it’s time for a few changes but NOT where my kids are concerned!) :0)

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