Cancer Cure

I’ve not considered myself a patriot or a nationalist in the traditional sense for a long time. My citizenship is of the earth, the whole beautiful wild planet. This information makes me even less of a patriot. But my faith in those who stand up to corruption has grown hugely. If you’ve been affected by cancer, this is worth every minute. I would hope no one who cares would miss seeing this. It’s a limited viewing from 6/11 to 6/13 after which time it can be purchased for $13.99. It’s going into my collection ‘though I viewed it free of charge initially. An amazing, amazing chronicle of tenacity in the face of horrific opposition and criminal sabotage.

QUICK GLANCE: This is the story of a doctor who has been working with the worst forms of cancer since the 70s with a success rate far beyond the accepted “success” experienced thus far in traditional, devastating treatment practices. For that fact, he has been attacked; failing that, the US govt sought to steal his patents; failing that… he’s still curing some impossible cancers in spite of a long tedious history of shameful hounding by the FDA and National Cancer Institute. This IS where my faith in the legal system here is somewhat bolstered ‘though I’m appalled he was harrassed for so long.

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