Drops of December…

Drops of December don’t always feel bright or cheery or anything short of challenging. Of course, there’s always the “drop” and “down” aspect of that word, that gee, trajectory? Wait. Wrong direction! Or maybe not. In any case, snow falls down in drops of frozen wonder. I wonder if this means my downward spirals are a cosmic display of something lil kid gods squeal with glee over as they sit at their windows from on high, happy to miss creation school or lightning bolt assembly day… “Oh look! It’s snowing!” (I’m a snowflake, ok? Stick with me.) What do we know, really…? Maybe we’re all drops of something for some unfathomable force out there to curse at or delight in or build something with. Or.

Ok, nevermind. Maybe this is how I feel today. (Maybe?) Like a whimsical flotsam for the gods. But not. There’s a sense of being this delight of shining something. (Even when I’m “down.”) Why? Because at every turn, with all the challenges and daunting obstructions, there’s this inevitable ground zero reality I can only call love. I may run into yet one more dilemma with one of my kids but we land on our feet, and we’re closer for it. There may be one more delay, one more setback but it doesn’t hinder our capacity to open up to love, to kindness, or even to the wonder of restful repose.

So, drops of December … here’s to a pile-up of delight. Or a redburst of berry pleasure or…

j. ruth kelly, 2012
j. ruth kelly, 2012

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

7 thoughts on “Drops of December…

  1. I notice that as the days get shorter and the weather share less sunshine, my Seasonal Affective Disorder sometimes kicks me around. On the nice December days, I make a big effort to get outside and soak up a bit of sun.

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