Melting moments now where always humming overflowing glow, an ever-filling at-homeness and this seeping something soaking nourishment eternal fills up and up a heart burning, a mind mulling over and over the whys and wherefores of yesterday, melts melts melts the strife away and leaves the earth of my soul awash with acceptance, with love’s more urgent play in the aftermath of whirlwinds whisking vision into place.

Here’s to holiday from hellish happenings and confusion, freedom from distortions of truth and betrayals of trust. Here’s to a wresting from the jaws of anxiety and perpetual pushing to arrive as we are always just ourselves, nowhere to go but now. May we know the rest of awareness of the preciousness of our being human, the sacred wonder in our rituals of connection and a settling into rich reflection on things we deem hallowed.

May we all embody peace, peace, peace…even as we fight for things worth fighting for… Happy Holidays Y’all!

j ruth kelly, 2012
j ruth kelly, 2012

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

6 thoughts on “Peace…

  1. Wonderful piece/peace Ruth 😉 The holidays can be replete with emotions, a convergence of the past and present sideswiping, shaking us up. I try to find the peace inside the chaos so I can walk through the clatter without it knocking me off kilter. Thanks for your post – a feng shui of emotions letting the light of spirit shine.

    1. Thanks Mary 🙂 I love your expression, so alive with detail and feltness. Me too, peace in the midst of chaos is a must and it works for me if I determine ahead of time that it’s about something bigger than all the potential clatter, as you call it. It usually works!

  2. Thanks Ruth for those soothing words during this time. Holidays sometimes get so hectic. I appreciate your reminding me to stop, or at least slow down, and focus on the true meaning of the holiday.

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