Overt and Hidden

“There is something that is overt and
That exists beyond heaven and earth.
Formless, motionless,
It stands alone, forever, it does not change,
It exists in every place, it never tires.
It can be called ‘Mother of the universe,’
Because I don’t know its name.
If I am compelled to call it by a name,
I will call it Tao, ‘all-embracing.’
‘All-embracing’ exists forever,
‘All-embracing’ is far-reaching,
‘All-embracing’ returns to every beginning.
Therefore Tao is ‘all-embracing,’
Heaven is ‘all-embracing,’
Earth is ‘all-embracing,’
Man is ‘all-embracing,’

In the universe, four things are ‘all-
And man is one of them.
Man adheres to the laws of earth,
Earth adheres to the laws of heaven,
Heaven adheres to the laws of Tao,
Tao adheres to the laws of its nature.”

Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching

The Great Tao

   “The great Tao is everything, both on

the left and on the right.

     Through it, all things come into being, and

it does not abandon them.

     When its work is completed, it does not

possess them.

     It loves and nurtures all things,

     But does not rule them.

     It never exists, so it can be called small,


     All things return home to it,

     And it does not claim to own them,

     So it can be called great, apparently,

     It never aspires to greatness,

     And therefore it accomplishes greatness.”


Lao Tzu  – Tao Te Ching