Maslow’s Heaven…

“Heaven, so to speak, lies waiting for us through life, ready to step into for a time and to enjoy before we have to come back to our ordinary life of striving. And once we have been in it, we can remember it forever, and feed ourselves on this memory and be sustained in time of stress.” Abraham Maslow

Photo by Kate Stetler Holgate, Used by Permission

Depending on the richness of your imagination, a sweet moment or memory can be felt again. Say “pecan” and I smell one, recalling it in my mind and those first moments life tumbled pecans my way, down hills and under trees towering tall with sun spilling past the leaves green, alive with birdsong. Then, my body was so new, still so unspent and that energy hums under the surface when I remember deeply, recalling to my now what was and is still so very alive.

Sit back, right now, where you are and find that bit of heaven within.

One More Maslow Wonder . . .

“To place a person in a system takes less energy than to know him in his own right, since in the former instance, all that has to be perceived is that one abstracted characteristic which indicates his belongingness in a class…What is stressed in rubricizing is the category in which the person belongs, of which he is a sample, not the person as such…”

A. MaslowToward A Psychology of Being

A rubric is a class or category and here Maslow expands the word to become an act of categorizing or….rubricizing. It takes courage and freedom from the need to be in total control of all unfolding details to avoid rubricizing anyone in the mutual discovery process of truly intimately knowing  someone. There must be a protracted and sometimes even painful time of allowing “evidence” to build up over and over again in order to show even just a glimpse of the landscape of one soul. We don’t get there by categorizing, do we? We get there by a state of “being withness” that does not insist on capturing and concluding. This is how we stay perpetually alert, alive and ready to know and be known in love.


Maslow On Avoidance of Knowledge . . .

“Anxiety and timidity not only bend curiosity and knowing and understanding to their own ends, using them so to speak, as tools for allaying anxiety, but also the lack of curiosity can be an active or a passive expression of anxiety and fear…That is, we can seek knowledge in order to reduce anxiety and we can also avoid knowing in order to reduce anxiety…Where we know fully and completely, suitable action follows automatically and reflexly. Choices are then made without conflict and with full spontaneity.” Abraham MaslowToward A Psychology of Being

I love these words. They affirm the process of gathering information so as to move forward in life without fear, fully empowered to do best for self and others …. and in a wonderful unfolding way as the unique being we each long to be.