So Much Splendour…

“Perhaps the song of birds is ‘explainable’ simply as a device for sexual attraction; perhaps the radiant wings of insects are no more than protecting colouring; perhaps the beauty of the morning-glory is merely to entice the bee, appealing no doubt to his acute aesthetic appreciation of colour and form. Perhaps. But if the aim of so much splendour is merely to stimulate the sexual processes of purely instinctual organisms, the mountain has laboured and brought forth a mouse.” Alan Watts – Behold The Spirit



2 thoughts on “So Much Splendour…

  1. This week we have been visited by a Western Meadowlark, being from the east coast I’ve heard Eastern Meadowlarks sing, yet this is the first time I’ve ever heard the Western counterpart, I have been mesmerized every morning by this beautiful song. It pulls me to the window and I feel almost hypnotized to listen until the song is over.

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