Righteous Rebellion

“The world needs your rebellion and the true song of your exile. In what has been banned from your life, you find a medicine to heal all that has been kept from our world. We must find the place within where things have been muted and give that a voice. Until those things are spoken, no truth can find its way forward. The world needs your unbelonging. It needs your disagreements, your exclusion, your ache to tear the false constructions down, to find the world behind this one.” Toko-Pa Turner

Stand For It!

“The soul can become a reality again only when each of us has the courage to take it as the first reality in our own lives, to stand for it
and not just ‘believe’ in it.” James Hillman






j. ruth kelly, 2013, all rights reserved
j. ruth kelly, 2013, all rights reserved

The Accidental Pointillist

copy-2-of-dscn0921In case it isn’t clear and obvious and maybe even loudly heralded…

The Accidental Pointillist or Pointillist Ponderings is another one of my blogs and you can reach it here:


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Pointillist ponderings is a poetic, whimsical, wandering and pondering point of points. Anything remotely connected to the point or love and points is highlighted there.

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