Backyard Gardening To Be Banned?

H.R. 875 Section 3 defines food establishments and proposes regulation and compliance to food safety standards. While it IS great to practice intelligent and safe gardening/farming, what is this going to do to local farms and gardeners? The definitions provided in Section 3 of this bill appear to encompass everyone from local growers to simple organic gardeners who eat their own produce. How can we know? This bill is in House and Senate and can be seen if you google H.R. 875. The link drops pretty fast so you have to go back to google if you want to view the same section twice. I may be over-reacting to something I don’t know much about but …. who knows? H.R. 875 seems to propose very broad jurisdiction and regulation without protecting the rights of the backyard gardener…not that it’ll stop me!


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