God Between The Toes?

J. Ruth Kelly
J. Ruth Kelly

Every part of you is spiritual. From the contents in your nose to the crud between your toes (especially if you’ve not had a bath yet and have worn wooly old socks on the treadmill) to the gnawing in your stomach to the heights of illumination and the depths of contented salvation, each bit and spit and pow of your now is a soup of spiritual potency. Pouring that potency into the various fields of personhood, of self-unity flowing into a rich expression of unique humanness is the deeper stuff of spirituality and tougher work than sitting for the om-teenth session of blissful progression. Spreading it out into a lifetime work that resonates beyond and into fields not even yet born, that is the diligent work of spirituality married to personal vision and truly does resonate to the grime on the soles of your feet, dark from dancing in the dirt and to the moment sweet with noting the slow but relentless progression of gardening or gasping at the world of mold in a cup forgotten.  

Spirituality snuggles closer to the grubs ‘neath the shrubs than the mountaintop glory of exclusive knowledge. Spirituality’s sacred realms reveal their glory in the coveted mathematical equation catapulting us all into higher intelligence, is as holy as the vernix on a newborn fresh from womb’s clinging cloak, as evolved and transformed as the dance of a 6 year old across recital’s stage awkwardly enraptured in the body’s discovery, as hallowed as a naked woman awaiting one more touch before melting completely and as blessed as the check in the mail. 

Heights of glory, prophetic revelry, angelic visitations and all things allegedly beyond are no more spiritually alive and authentic than any “common” experience. The work of drawing the purest energy from every one of these wonders, that very work is what weaves a rich tapestry of spirit woven with mind and body, as self and all in a dance with the One. The deeper we go into unity of being, into the knowing of our flesh and bone home, singing in every pore and every store of personal experience and knowledge, the more devoted we become to the humming dance and interweaving wonder between all the elements that comprise the human experience…in all these things we are climbing higher to the throne-room of God.

Where she will, no doubt, be trimming the gnarly hedges ‘tween then and now, singing in angelic tones of grateful unknown song, occasionally cursing the furious growth and wiping the sweat from her brow. 

J. Ruth Kelly  © 2005, 2009


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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

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