Tending Time, Timeless

J. Ruth Kelly

Tending the moment malleable and eternal, motion finds rest in knowing the next moment will be tenderly attended while reveling richly in now. Instead of reaching mentally ahead in frenzied grasp towards the next curve in the road, instead of anxiously anticipating obstacles and strategy, the alternative unfolding flow of pouring into every milli-moment perpetuates a constancy of pupose spilling relentlessly into every stretch of tick tock toning. Spilling peace and filling peace.

Constancy of purpose springs from meticulous and intimate development of personal truths and goals and thrives best in the dissolution of anxiety-riddled, manufactured “being.” We get to this work of development by deciding to daily witness our lives, our emotions, our evolution of progress/regress and the dance of want/need/do-for-self. We move more deeply into sureness of personal truths by eliminating what is least authentic, least effective in facilitating the fulfillment of our lives. This is how constancy of purpose grows, not in reaction against possible failure or loss but in an abiding awareness and cultivation of person. And what a wellspring it can be, should be.

Constancy of purpose pours up from the depths of crisp, clear waters of expression of every form, expression unearthing, birthing and transforming the expresser -expression through action, through rest, through intent. When this restful motion, constancy of purpose and free-flowing being/expressing is well-established, the soul knows and grows in the trust of a full symphony of personhood prepared and poised for the next need, desire or requirement of life. The strategies, curves, obstacles and needs are perceived in a more fluid reality of response and strength, preparation and flexibility in honor of personal truths and vision – not in reaction against dreaded outcomes or fear of not accomplishing.

All is liquid. Time is not as it ticks steadily past.

This is fearless being, trusting a source both beyond and within, a source eternal and yet ever-new, both you and not-you…all. From the fatness of the moment, the rhythm of life floats on the wind melodic and continual, opening the eyes to see, the being to hear and the skin to feel, breathe…be.

Taking the time to tend to a being-orientation, a personal truth-driven motivation and an unfoldingness of self creates a timelessness to every day….

a feel

and flow

of eternal value.

jruthkelly © 2005, 2009

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

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