God Re-Visited And Freedom’s Truth

The view from Alan Watts’ brilliant perspective, voiced here:

“In the West we have always admitted in theory that truly moral acts must be expressions of freedom. Yet we have never allowed this freedom, never permitted ourselves to be everything that we are, to see that fundamentally all the gains and losses, rights and wrongs of our lives are as natural and “perfect” as the peaks and valleys of a mountain range. For in identifying God, the Absolute, with a goodness excluding evil we make it impossible for us to accept ourselves radically: what is not in accord with the will of God is at variance with Being itself and must not under any circumstances be accepted. Our freedom is therefore set about with such catastrophic rewards and punishments that it is not freedom at all, but resembles rather the totalitarian state in which one may vote against the government but always at the risk of being sent to a concentration camp. Instead of self-acceptance, the groundwork of our thought and action has therefore been metaphysical anxiety, the terror of being ultimately wrong and rotten to the core.”

Nature, Man and Woman

I recall my father saying of the devil – when I was a bit of an argumentative kid going on and on about the discrepancies in judgements of right and wrong, good vs. evil and how much God does or does not get involved and if he’s in control then why doesn’t he stop this said devil – “He’s God’s Devil.” Wrap your mind around that one.

And remember in Job, what did God say to this keeper of evil? “Have you considered my servant Job?” In other words, “I dare you to knock him around, to rape his family and kill them. Do it!!!” What a huge challenge to simply prove that one man would not curse God. How holy is that?

I don’t know why I’m dragging this out but I am. No. Now I know why. I’m realizing, more and more, that I’m more invested in being an oppression ouster than anything else. And there are beliefs and whole attitudes of living that originate in this wrong notion of God as the tooth fairy or as, cringe, “good.” Why d’ya suppose he forbade such knowledge?

Courtesy of Dave Grant
Courtesy of Dave Grant

I have days where I’m just not so sure I believe in any God’s existence. And then I stand under trees. God/dess is not yet and never will be measured by any religion, philosophy or belief system. But take a deep breath, feel the pulse of the earth of this planet, of your own body and you know the truth. And it’s all good/evil. It’s all there. In the blink of an eye, one moment can wipe out a life or birth another. How is that “good?” It simply is…

Alligators, rainbows and humans too! So, how can this God be good? Do we have to decree a final verdict? I think that, instead, I will go walk through the wet grass barefoot, breathe, feel, know without logic.


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6 thoughts on “God Re-Visited And Freedom’s Truth

  1. I agree, Our footprint on nature has had a negative effect. Man must be environmentally consciensous as we move forward and at the same time make every attempt possible to erase our footprints of the past.

    How will we ever cross swords if we agree on everything 😉

  2. Thanks for commenting, glad to see you here.

    Aye, karma. Sometimes we gotta take an active stance in making that balance happen, within and “without”/in the world. Gets messy! I just hope that mother earth doesn’t swing too wildly around the universe before finding that balance!

  3. We have to learn to accept the evil and the good and trust they will balance each other out through our conscience. This also brings clarity to what some refer to as Karma.

    Karma is your inner self attempting to find balance

    And you thought you rant…lol

    Love the post, Thanks for sharing

  4. Balance, Ying/Yang, Positive/Negative, Energy

    What a find this story is. After having spent an entire youth growing up in Alaska and living with nature you learn to respect all life which includes trees, plants, and wet grass.

    When nature becomes un-balanced it will kick and scream until balance is once again found. That same torment is in us because we are all part of nature. Find your balance and find true happiness.

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