Momentary and Transparent…

“In the intense joy which attends the full realization that we are momentary and transparent, and that nothing can be grasped, there is no question of an icy detachment from the world. A man who had realized this very fully once wrote to me, “I am now becoming as deeply attached as I can be to as many people and things as possible.”

…In attachment there is pain, and in pain deliverance, so that at this point attachment itself offers no obstacle, and the liberated one is at last free to love with all his might and to suffer with all his heart. …

…the reason why there is nothing to be grasped is that this duality is only seeming, so that the attempt to cling is like trying to bite the teeth with the teeth, or to clutch the hand with the hand. The corollary of this realization is that subject and object, oneself and the world, are a unity, to be precise, a “nonduality” since the word “unity” may be taken to exclude diversity.”

Alan Watts – Nature, Man and Woman

The bottom line simple conclusion of this brilliant expression, to my mind, is this: we are not separate from each other even if some of us never meet face to face. We are one and One in love. And while I don’t “believe” in love, I know and experience it as me, as others, and beyond people as the planets, the seasons and it doesn’t give meaning to life. It shows that there is no need to search for meaning because…because: Love simply is the only point to life itself.

Lungs breathe, right? They do their thing and don’t ask “what is my purpose?!” And as we go around unfolding in response to life we’ll find, as we melt and morph past fear’s worst facades, we will find we have loved because we are love unfolding. And guess what? It will sometimes hurt terribly. The only thing to do is keep on, recognizing the pain is only a reminder of preciousness, of why we take thoughtful care with our lives and master the best of calculated spontaneity learned in the fires of life.

Nothing to fear…

jruthkelly © 2008, 2009

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

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