Friday’s Feast . . .

Blissbait inspired the choice to post this one. Again, another Dave Grant wonder…



This is not your typical squirrel…


8 thoughts on “Friday’s Feast . . .

  1. Heylo! Came over to smile at Your wizened old man! Asking him for answers….he just nibbles and smiles, nibbles and smiles…

    Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    • Here’s what Dave says, and I quote:

      “They call it the Chica or Chiza in Costa Rica, which I assume is imitative of the call. It’s a “variegated” squirrel, related to our gray squirrel, and feeding on a mangrove fruit – near the beach (of course) in Samara, CR. and in a spot where crocodiles like to sit below in the water(!)”

      There you have it. The Chica or Chiza of Costa Rica. Food for CROCS! Gulp…

  2. Oh How HILARIOUS! Yeah! You gifted me my first laugh of the day! Gold stars to You! He is BEAUTIFUL! Wow. Never seen one with those kinds of markings. And is that blonde on his little face? He almost could be my son. 😆 Thank You So Much JRuth!!!! I hope You have a Super-Fantastic Day! Namaste. 🙂

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