Soup’s On . . .

“The degree of our freedom and self-determination varies with the level which we realize to be our self — the source from which we act. As our sense of self is narrow, the more we feel our existence as restraint. ‘And therefore,’ said Ruysbroeck, ‘we must all found our lives upon a fathomless abyss’ –so to discover that what we are is not what we are bound to be, but what we are free to be. For when we stand with our nature, seeing that there is nowhere to stand against it, we are at last able to move unmoved.” Alan Watts, of course. Nature, Man and Woman

This excerpt encourages a growing sense of the limitless possibilities for one life in spite of economic drudgery nationally, globally and, most especially, personally. And in spite of some pretty frustrating obstacles overall.

My world is roiling right now. In a good way, like a pot boils up and simmers great soup. It’s the rumbling roll of ingredients as they rush up to the surface of the best brew, that moment right before the master chef steps up and stirs, smiles and adjusts the heat.  To keep in mind that I’m not restricted like a pot on a stove, that I can embrace the tasks of the master chef – the smiling conspirator of delicious concoctions – is to know the power of my freedom. And that knowledge can propel me forward while known structures and familiar comforts fall away. And even when those dreams are inevitably but fatefully delayed. New structures, new comforts, new ways of living are always ’round the bend.

Life is good.

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

3 thoughts on “Soup’s On . . .

  1. I am not certain if Alan Watts’ words inspire more or if it is your words that make my knees weakest…Just remember to keep stirring the pot.

    Smile, you are beautiful.

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