A quiet world . . .

January Snow '10

Pots piled high . . .


Gardener’s table topping . . .

Awaiting Spring

Shadow tree . . .

Hillside Hailing

Stillness shouting . . .

Railing Rest

Glory growing . . .

Rosemary's Reach

and the wall’s snow-stopping . . .

Cold's Conquest

. . . until Spring’s melt. (Or fire’s felt…eh?)

No better weekend (for me) to be housebound!

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

6 thoughts on “SnowScapes

  1. I like the railing shadow on snow and the rosemary the best, especially the rosemary. Did you go out to shoot these? I am staying in as much as possible. It was a blistering 2F when I got up this morning. 😯

    1. the rosemary’s so resilient. i like it too.

      i’m a nut, i guess. i got out there yesterday before it got “too cold” it went down to 2F last night after the sun set. it’s so cold it’s surreal. but i had to get out. my kids are with their dad and after over 36 hours of total alone silence time i start to climb the walls. nothing like nature to keep me company!!

    1. it’s difficult to decide which image to capture first when the snow provides such amazing contrasts and glitter. all of nature speaks to me a birthing, nurturing, provocative poetry.

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