A quiet world . . .

January Snow '10

Pots piled high . . .


Gardener’s table topping . . .

Awaiting Spring

Shadow tree . . .

Hillside Hailing

Stillness shouting . . .

Railing Rest

Glory growing . . .

Rosemary's Reach

and the wall’s snow-stopping . . .

Cold's Conquest

. . . until Spring’s melt. (Or fire’s felt…eh?)

No better weekend (for me) to be housebound!


6 thoughts on “SnowScapes

  1. I like the railing shadow on snow and the rosemary the best, especially the rosemary. Did you go out to shoot these? I am staying in as much as possible. It was a blistering 2F when I got up this morning. 😯

    • the rosemary’s so resilient. i like it too.

      i’m a nut, i guess. i got out there yesterday before it got “too cold” it went down to 2F last night after the sun set. it’s so cold it’s surreal. but i had to get out. my kids are with their dad and after over 36 hours of total alone silence time i start to climb the walls. nothing like nature to keep me company!!

    • it’s difficult to decide which image to capture first when the snow provides such amazing contrasts and glitter. all of nature speaks to me a birthing, nurturing, provocative poetry.

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