Oh how high beyond
anything posing sky
birth the best in life.

Oh how deep beyond
beseeching seep
reach the rest of source.

Grow woman-child, grow up
we and be

all that glories in shameless living
spilling, flowing all

midwife of soul

child-like resilience
in the face of life’s hardest stories,

branches wrapping ’round us all
birthing newness and wisdom
in those bestowed with parenting

wonder wise

wily, winsome
glory-you, tree-song
singing us all to renewal.

jrk – in awe of my temporary role of facilitator and witness of the emergence of one magnificent soul.

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

19 thoughts on “Treeclipse…

    1. dear one. i hope i will be able to because i know its a great way to connect with poets supreme. i don’t count myself such but i appreciate your recognition of my efforts! it’s a tough semester but i can tell you i will see what time i can squeeze out for this. hug…

  1. Your words captured so much and the photos are precious. … this touched something inside of me and I grieve the loss of witness, facilitator, of roots, and even the tree. But marvelously written and thanks for sharing your words.

  2. GOLLY GOLLLLLY GOOOLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY wow wow wow I LLLOOVVVEE THIS! Just magical. I felt like You were talking to me. What a beautiful poem!!! The coupling of the words ‘wonder wise’ is COWRAZY brilliant. The pictures gave me SUCH JOY! And in Your signature, You could say You’re ferrying MANY souls along! I count myself as one of those who grows and glows in Your words!!! THANK YOU and Big Hugs and Namaste. 🙂

    1. You have a knack for evoking a lump in my throat when you so openly and passionately respond. Thank you, love. I really felt inadequate with this poem but you’ve richly wiped that out. Big big hugs…

    1. thank you! my daughter and i come from a long line of wood nymphs, sprites and earthy creatures. i love that she spontaneously delighted in that tree. had my cell phone and quickly captured the moment.

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