Love simply is and flows potently, clearly in streams and rivers cleared of wreckage and debris.

Tallulah Love

Strolling on a sidewalk with a son or laughing through a store with a daughter, weeping with a friend, discovering a wild strawberry in a glance of reflective vision, knowing the resonance of the Divine in the sweetest slice of time…all ripe experiences, opportunity for love to be every breath of moment. 

It is in these moments we can know ourselves, be with our being-ness in awareness of the layers of feeling and the circuits of thinking. Are we tense? Are we holding the breath of the soul, waiting for the other shoe to fall? Are we poised against attack? Are we perpetually thirsting, feeling a draining of all forces as soon as reciprocal pleasure unfolds, awakening a craving nothing can fill? Or is there simple receptivity and spontaneity, nothing forced or contrived or even just desperately good intentioned? Is there delight? 

What is pulsing in your being? If you can know these humming layers and circuits, you can move closer to that spirit, the soaking sense and experience of permeating love, the mother and father heart of God, the internal dance between Bride and Bridegroom, unity of Being beckoning and greeting, hugging and beseeching at every turn. 

J. Ruth Kelly Copyright © 2005/2010

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

8 thoughts on “Love

  1. Wise words and encouraging questions, but sometimes, the debris and wreckage causes the river to overflow, to seek a new path, to flood the plains of complacency and shallowness because there is simply too much standing in the way of the flow. As someone has said, water (love) requires freedom to exist unhindered, unconditionally moving, drawn to its ultimate source in unity and oneness. I guess I remain on a distant shore, seeking, hearing the voice of the water, but never quite finding the courage to immerse myself, fearful of drowning or being carried away to an unforeseeable destination. If water/Love simply is … I wish I knew how to swim and get really, really wet.

    1. amen. what would happen were we not stacked up high with frustration and, yes, loss? would we know how precious it all is? i love your perspective here.

      you could be carried away to the moment, to the melt of now and yet. remaining. you hear the voice of the water because the wellspring within resonates. it’s already there. inside you. no murky destination required, no devastation inevitable, just fullness.

  2. This made me think of how I sometimes do hear an actual humming beneath my surface. It generally scares me into busy activity. But sometimes, when I am particularly brave, I sit quietly and let it pour over me. Perhaps as I grow more comfortable I will be able to reach the layer beneath. Oh fear, be gone.

    1. i love what alexander lowen has to say about surrendering to the body. it is part of that work of love, of accessing source within and spilling out. resistance/fear melt away…it takes years of restful work. maybe when i’m 100 i’ll be nothing but melt/flow/glow. (and wrinkles!) 🙂

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