So Something Soul

Wish Jesus could’ve come in a flash
of flesh melding flesh for flesh for all we’re here for
and nothing more
but they so scared say
he came through the neatest arrangement of dry
no muss no fuss conception
shedding true believers of their best jiving stuff
and cursing us all to a damning salvation
bathed in a glory dimming
the harlot’s perpetual virginity in love.
Wish Jesus’ immaculation could’ve been
the most blessed jiving ‘jaculation
wresting us all from fear.
But no…it isn’t so something soul…
no sweet rolling liquid fullness
or bang bam zoom us all
into something more truly respectful
of the sacred soulful wonder fusing one with other
and making yet another
and then some, maybe even a nation
of lovers begetting lovers
ending war in a sometimes martial dance
refusing anything but final fusion.
Wish Jesus’ conception hadn’t been bound
to a story divorced from the wildness of the dance,
immaculately fretting us all into any song but the one,
the whimsical fierce guitar strumming us into wholeness,
singing us, us the song of surrender resisting the futility of shame, shame, shame.
Wish it were so something soul and then we’d all be free.


But it can be, can’t it? Immaculate conception is ancient. It is now. It is then and there when man or woman is penetrated by the creator spirit and a gestation supreme begins. The shame mentioned in this outpouring comes not from the work of an ancient alchemical process but from the distortion of sexuality by minds afraid of their own bodies, their own strumming potential…

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

16 thoughts on “So Something Soul

  1. This is crazy beautiful. Yes, yes, YES. Just to be done with shame. It’s such an irony, isn’t it? You blew my mind. Thank You. Big Hugs and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  2. The Kabbalah says shame can help one become more aware of the Creator, once you overcome it and join forces with Him.

    I like this call to arms you present here. Has a nice ring of truth to it.

    thanks for opening this door.

    michael j
    Conshohocken, PA USA

    1. hello michael, thanks for dropping in. i appreciate your comment.

      it seems to me that shame is wholly valid when it follows on the heels of destructive actions, not when it comes from fear’s distortions of innocence. but i’m pretty confident you would agree. it is true that we can feel shame for no solidly evident reason at all and in our quest to be free of that shame (whether the shame is warranted or not) we resonate beyond self and inevitably find we long to know and be known by the heart of love in others, in self and in Source, and some of us long to walk with Divine grace.

      this poetic outburst is a process i went through 4 years ago and first appeared on a private blog, as part of my process of healing from unwarranted shame. there are truly shameful layers of the human story. the Creator, love itself does draw us out of our mire and into reverence for designs beyond anything we could comprehend. it is this same reverence that brings great healing where shame has ravaged what should never be ravaged. and it is this same resonance in love that inspires the poem.

      i’m touched you see it as a door opener…

      1. Now, I feel a little “touched.” Am I going crazy, or did you speak with the loving compassion of God just now? Why do I feel so calm and peaceful, not to mention resonating with the Truth of your words?

        Love, no matter where we think it is originating from, has been, in my humble opinion, the greatest gift the Creator has bestowed on us, his loving “creatures.”

        What woud it be like if there was no Love? Now, think of what it would be like if we “all” learned to share unconditionally, with no strings attached, the love we do have inside. There’d be no expectations of getting anything in return, except the knowledge that I — you, me and we — took a tiny step closer to answering the age-old question, “What is the purpose of Life?”

        I love you.

        Well, not really “you” per se, but the “love” you caused to blossom and “rise” inside of me for an entity outsde of my Self, my own ego. The Greek “agape” love, if you know what I mean . . .

        . . . You ain’t so bad yourself, J Ruth Kelly!

        michael ji

        1. as someone i once knew said… “love is all there is and we create the opportunity to show it…” and i couldn’t agree more. it’s those distortions of love that make us doubt it. and then…
          some say there’s agape, eros, phileo…
          we “creatures” find a way to complicate things, don’t we? ;0)

  3. i read some of the most recent comments while stuck on a barstool feeling a bit out of place and appreciative of the reminders of what “place” and perspective does to us all, sipping a beer and waiting for my friend to return from her mingle-fest. this is a gal who would rather be in a corner enjoying a deep conversation or reading a book. your supportive and generous words took me (gratefully) to that corner for just a moment. thanks y’all… oxo… (and cuz, from one scorp to another, those scenes from the book sound yum and spot-on. ;0) ) kristy…hummingbirds gather the best nectar, no? oxo… 🙂

  4. Ruth, this entire post is filled with beauty, but my absolute favorite part was your reponse to Ji. It just filled me up. From one hummingbird to another…

  5. Fascinating. I have long believed that sex (as meant to be) and salvation (as I understood it) were very much alike. Marion Zimmer Bradley wrote a series of scifi books in which telepathy became an additional layer to relationships. My favorite sex scenes are the ones where people are united body and soul. Anyway (if that made any sense at all), I enjoyed the post.

  6. Oh my, this is brave if not soul-searching in nature! I embrace your love, here, as I feel your longing for true essence of the compassion Jesus really stood for! Of small importance how he was conceived. His living and his message is what was so important and you have aptly pointed that out, JRuth. If everyone would be more concerned about the walk rather than the “talk” we would all walk forward.

    1. i believe it is of some small importance, the conception of christ, in that it can be yet another tool used to perpetuate the ancient oppression and isolation people experience in fear of their own humanity. not something love truly intends. but you know this is what i mean…
      i appreciate your boldly giving witness to my somewhat audacious expression here.
      and seeing me clearly. :0)

    1. yes. love is found in and beyond jesus, ruth, ji, kristy, gin, leslie, bliss, deanna, marion, isaac, evan, biz, bam, caroline, lynne, stu, jessica, pierre, elizabeth, dave, hilary, tooty, violi, christopher, bob, kate, stephen, tonya, jaymie, michael, michael, michael and michael, james, james and james, phillip, maryphyllis, jason, tom, vicki, grace, brandon and brandon, andrew, daniel, oli, elise, naomi, minnie, lina, roger, sarah, amelia, alex, curtis, levy, will, william, ken, lau tsu, thomas, buddha, alan, erich, abraham, rainer…rivers, mountains, seas, dirt, trees, hummingbirds, wolves, butterflies, spiders, doves, polar bears, the list goes on and on and we all flow that song of love eternally, sometimes barely, sometimes fiercely, sometimes softly. but always. and always.

      thanks ji…

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