Opportunities Overflowing

My world is flooded lately. There are innumerable opportunities every day, full and waiting for the chance to reveal, to nurture love and to facilitate a distinctly individualized expression of life, of self. It isn’t always simple or even possible beyond the work of facilitating the emergence of 3 others, my children. But I take what I can get and it turns out to be a pretty potent brew of growth. In thumbing through Jamie Sams’ gold I find her powerful voice speaking from the heart of personhood:

“Throughout history, humankind has run far and fast from selfhood. It has been easier to allow others to think for us, to make our decisions, to determine what suits us, and to tell us how we should live. Humans have been pliably manipulated in order to accomplish the goals of greedy, other-determined rules, as well as, by ‘polite’ society.

     It takes courage and insight to rebel against the mundane existence of not being our own persons. Pack or herd mentality is for the weak willed or the fainthearted. Claiming the Self, and one’s own authority to make the decisions that will enrich one’s growth, is called the Awakening.

     If you belong to that rare, brave group of individuals who are their own persons, you have already reclaimed enough of your freewill to claim your rights as a spiritual warrior.

     Those rights are simple: You have the right to own yourself by making the most of every opportunity the Great Mystery sends your way!”    Jamie Sams – Earth Medicine, Ancestors’ Ways of Harmony For Many Moons

When countless forces demand our attention, time and energy it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and owned by those same forces. The truth is: 

we belong to ourselves,
to our own abilities to choose our stance;
we belong to life and to our own unique style of embracing challenges and
we belong to the eternal tick tock melt of now’s most delicious feltness.

We can receive, transmute and gestate everything that comes to us, gestate life’s challenging moments in a womb of love and with faith that our capacity to create will reveal the wonder of what it is to live nakedly aware of our freedom.



It. (one of these days soon I’ll have time to visit blogs…life is wildly full right now!)

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

7 thoughts on “Opportunities Overflowing

  1. Oh how I needed this one today…feeling already so lost in the miasma and shuffle that is back to school…
    blessings…glad to reconnect…have had no time to just…be. read…weep, laugh.

  2. Oh, Ruth, you are my inspiration. Your beauty just fills any space, no matter how expansive. I feel true love for you, through your words. We’ve never met, our physical forms, but we are most definitely familiar in spirit.

    1. tears, woman. tears. you evoke. good ones. thank you for the open, naked heart. nothing more beautiful. having channeled some of the ugliest stuff for a few years (cough) it is a stripping thing to read “your beauty.” big hugs and tons of love right back at you. who knows, maybe we’ll meet one day.

    1. i hope anyone who visits this blog will note the continuing unfolding of grace-centered authenticity begun over 30 years ago. and i hope they’ll be inspired on their own paths of becoming who they’ve always been in love. thanks for dropping in, michael j. 🙂

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