Mirth and Birth

Eesa (also spelled ISA by my kids) is life’s slightly mocking inspiration for me right now as I pull back a bit to focus more heavily on my blog, Religion’s Refugees, and, of all things, the cultivation of more mirth. I’ve decided it’s a serious (cough) need in my world right now. I’m also finalizing details on a long overdue finalization or two. As final as that sounds, I feel myself standing on the foundation of beginnings supreme. So…in honor of those beginnings, I’ve posted Eesa’s amazing mirroring of exactly what I need.

ME? Too Serious?! Ha.

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

14 thoughts on “Mirth and Birth

  1. OMG i love this Ruth! And I need it too right now! I’m also finding myself having blasted off on a road to new beginnings. The past 2 weeks have not been smooth. In fact, I’m just trying to hold on with my sanity intact. But the mirth of Eesa is exactly the medicine I need right now. Thank you for, once again, administering it for me. 😉

    1. i can see i need to sit down and get caught up on your blog. i know you’re diving into a master’s program supreme (green with the best kind of envy here). everyone i’ve spoken with over the past 3 weeks has been going through testings surreal. hang in there. love you…

  2. Also spelled, Itza as in “Itza too bad, Guido. That pizza would have been a lot better iffa it hadn’t fallen in the cat litter.”

    btw, that cat does not look like a happy camper.

  3. Poor cat. My friend’s cat just had kittens two weeks ago. Her youngest totes them around everywhere with her (one at a time, of course). Those will be the most tolerant cats in the universe. Right up there with Eesa.

    1. she adores my oldest son, isaac. he could swing his legs at the kitchen table, sitting in a chair at the age of 4 and she would walk up to his feet and stay right there in spite of the risk. anything for him to come in contact with her. and she wouldn’t move!

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