Jamie Sams on Spiritual Gratification

“When we look at all of the kinds of spiritual gratification that humankind can receive, these could fill entire libraries, if they were recorded as personal experiences. We are filled with Spirit every time we become inspired by something we hear, observe, think, read, touch, perceive, taste, smell, or remember.

These experiences allow us to hear our hearts pounding, to feel the quick intake of breath, to measure the differences in how we feel, and to remember the specialness of these moments in our lives.

For some, the silent compassion and gentle touch of someone who cares inspires them to take courage. In all instances, the silent, yet thundering rush of inspiration can be heard through the human senses–as long as we are willing to hear through our sensitivity. This ability comes from letting go of the mental armor we use to protect this same sensitive vulnerability. Our spirits are then grateful for being allowed to digest the inspiration that feeds them.”

Jamie Sams – Earth Medicine

Here’s to letting go on deeper levels while keeping that backbone and vision alive…

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