Friday’s Feast

“We cannot figure out everything in the universe or second-guess the Creator. Chaos always precedes order, and the impeccability of divine order allows our dreams to be nurtured and to be born, manifesting in our physical lives. Since we are not being asked to figure everything out, what are we being asked to do? We are being asked to adopt the faith and inner knowing that our lives are a part of an intricate weave of Creation, reflecting our personal attitudes and our willingness to express love. Every human being is a vessel of love, whether we are willing to see it or not.” Jamie SamsDancing the Dream

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Feast

  1. There is a lot of fear commingled with a proper understanding and living up to the consequences of the above, and this because it ultimately amounts to letting go of all our previously cherished beliefs, creeds, and moralities (that which keeps us rooted in some corner); because it brings out the lion roar that is surely to tear open our chests…

    The water must run its course and the sword must slash and reach its end so that, when our surrender becomes complete, love would come as a healing balm, an oh so fragrant wave of light lifting us and showing us the way. We then realize that we are the way; we discover that which we have always been; and we are overwhelmed for knowing that, all the time (good and bad), it was love acting through us.

    At this point “life” becomes very exciting and joyful precisely because our creativity and ability to express ourselves reach a state of purity and stability. We assert who we are, our way, our uniqueness, our aliveness, our spontaneity, our individuality — and we walk with all the things that walk, flow and roar like the rivers which already are at the ocean’s heart, swooning as they go.

    From our most inward depths we create our own moralities, we become fully born, men and women of culture, humans united in love and still so diverse, so different, and so beautiful…

    1. Ok Pierre, you have to let me post this on Monday, please. It’s just too beautiful to sit in comment land. I love your unabashed spot-on articulation. It’s the feast here. I will say nothing more; I don’t want to spoil the beauty.

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