While All Else Clamors

What was that I just felt,
smelled fleeting,

What was that wash of
release from
tension life never asked me
to know?

What was that pleasure seeping in? What if…?

What if life is perfect
right now?
What if the dust bunnies
in the corner
two days after cleansweep
are a reminder of the inevitable tide of
life washes, rolling all over us,
inviting the pound of
full blast loving,
kicking up dirt, crumbs and mirth
even while we scramble to do more than

What if life is beautiful today?
You? Me? Today? Now?

What if the lines under your eyes,
lil splotches on those thighs,
etch a beauty only soul can define
and only
the soul-centered can recognize
and what if nothing else
about your appearance matters?

What if there’s nothing you need to do
for this beauty to emerge
nothing to do but live,
flow in authentic,
grace-centered beingness?

What if everything is alright, right now,
even while most things are upside down,
bleeding out, on the edge,
protesting on the street corner,
what if the sum of it all is…
precious perfect,
in the middle of turmoil, loss,
advocacy, pain, anxiety?
What if there’s a place deep within,
eternal boundless space pulsing,
resonating with peace, fullness, rest
while all else clamors?

What if with a simple shift inward, past the noise,
‘round the self-hatred corner,
beyond the decrees against you,
down below fathoms immeasurable,
sounding past everything else…
a silent feast of unsullied, incorruptible grace
awaits to be found, carried within every footfall
of protest and dance, rest and tryst?

Go there.

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

2 thoughts on “While All Else Clamors

  1. I am feeling this poem to my bone, JRuth. The way you wrote it is calming and soothing almost like a lullaby for the soul. I think that is how I will remember it. The shell takes the beating so the soul can shine forth.

    1. can’t express how much i appreciate your perspective and witness/experience of some of my more soulful outpourings. your feedback is balm and renewal of courage…thank you.

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