Pneumonia Walks?

Not just the gators and crocs…

I’m not an antibiotic gal but after 4 weeks of instinctively knowing I had pneumonia, I crumbled. If I post much in the upcoming week, it’ll be ’cause the antibiotics are monster powerful…

Happy crocs y’all!! :0) Out of this lil challenge I found a doc who knows CFS/Fibromyalgia better than any I’ve found thus far! Life’s makin’ me some lemonade with these lemons (stevia…no sugar!).

In the meantime, here’s another lovely offering from my beautiful friend and partner in business – Kate Holgate:

Photo by Kate Stetler Holgate, Used by Permission

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2 thoughts on “Pneumonia Walks?

  1. That is making lemonade out of Lemons, JRuth, but sorry you ended up with pneumonia from that nasty virus you caught! Good fortune with this new Doctor and his ability to help you!

    1. A woman doc, actually but thanks, Leslie. This pneumonia bout takes me back over 20 years when the only other roundy round I’ve had with pneumonia triggered my struggle with cfs/fibro. Amazing how the medical profession has changed towards this battle…

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