The Ultimate Initiation…

I’m so thankful today for the friends who surround me with their wisdom, with their soul searchings and learnings, who join with me, sharing their struggles, their dreams. And it strikes me that there is plenty. Plenty for all of us. We aren’t a bunch of siblings scrambling for the scraps or the best or the position of advantage unless we want to be. And oh how I don’t want to be. These words from Jamie Sams speak from the depths of what she beautifully calls the ultimate initiation…

“The ultimate initiation of a visionary or dreamer comes when that individual dreams of abundance for everyone. This selflessness is not an act of conscience, but rather an act of wisdom, forged from experience. If humans exist on our planet whose most basic needs are not being met, while others have more than they will ever need, something is drastically wrong.

Any dream that does not include everyone is a vision created from limited perception… If everyone is not considered worthy of having plenty, the Circle of Life is not being honored. If dreamers cannot see the unbroken family circle created by all life forms, they have not grown into their potentials nor ever really experienced the reality of Oneness.”

Jamie Sams – Earth Medicine, Ancestors’ Ways of Harmony for Many Moons

There are times when I feel inadequate, and even when I know I’ve just got so much more to learn. It can create that frenzied fear that someone will take a place I could’ve had, or gain a success that I won’t be able to have or. But that’s when I’ve forgotten what I should never forget. There. Is. Plenty. There is a place for each one of us right now, where we are, as we are. Here’s to our continued growth into that ultimate initiation…

Photo by Kate Stetler Holgate, Used by Permission

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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Initiation…

  1. I’m seeing more and more of the “me economy” fizzle out for those that actually have a heart and may have been caught up in the hype. Its more interesting to find a way to make things possible for a community than to focus on just yourself for wealth, health and object happiness. I will keep striving to make the most of my time here to help others and do something worthwhile. And, knowing that I am driven and inspired by people around me, I will also do my best to BE my best. If I’m no good to myself how can possibly help others? Time has taught me that this is not selfish, rather, its part of total health. It also makes it easier to share life and success of any level with friends and family!

    You rock, great post, glad to know you J Ruth! It seems you always have interesting views to share at the right time.

    1. I experience that same influence and appreciate the inspiration of others’ successes, talents and wisdom. So with you on doing our best. We must honor our best. Maslow says it well “capacity clamors.” I like the parable of the talents in the bible, too. Don’t want to bury what nature has created where my own unique abilities are concerned and even just in being able to do my best in anything. But sometimes I have to settle for good enough!

      I so hope it’s true, that the “me” economy is genuinely dying out. I’m a little more skeptical overall. I believe the U.S. is experiencing an awakening, long overdue. I hope it brings about the change we truly need.

      And I knew I’d be glad for making the connection with you, Nakeva. You’re the real thing. Keep on! And thank you for sharing your perspective here…

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