Social Media, Siren Song?

Content creation, sharing content, maintaining strong social presence…on and on. Where’s the saturation point? Is the internet the next big siren song, calling us to the rocks and currents of total overwhelm, consuming consumers? I’d like to respond to myself and say “probably not, stop the stupid melodrama!” But. Guess what? It’s endless. There’s one more platform of great pinterest and we can all tumblr our ways to huge social dividends as we stroll down the empire avenue and turn around 5 hours later with total fanny fatigue.

Yes. Fanny. Fatigue. At some point there has to be the scheduled (or how wonderful, spontaneous!) stroll down the literal road out the front door/side door/back door listening to the birds sing, feeling the breezes whip away all that glowing box barf. Yes, barf. Those screens barf a particular energy that literally has to be washed away.

And I love the internet. But the birds have a hell of a lot more pizzazz and spirit than this humming vibe of social media madness. (This comes after I’ve made my rounds on the relevant platforms, shook the hands, liked the posts, sold some shares and commented on everything from great quotes, awesome art to the latest insight into pinterest.)

The threat, to my relentless mind, is one of losing authenticity in the endless grasp for maintaining presence and ranking and. What’s the point when the world we brush up against with skin and muscle, breath and bustle fades in the glow of virtual “advancement?”

Can you say balance? It must be maintained, sustained, perpetuated and worshipped. Like the sun I turn my face to now on a regularly scheduled basis lest the glowing gore of social media madness take me forever in her song…


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6 thoughts on “Social Media, Siren Song?

  1. You go, girl, outside. I’ll meet you there. My dog needs a walk and my fanny’s frozen or fried. So good to read you again. I’ve been gone too long. But I have been doing some things that don’t ruin my eyes and kill my butt.
    Excellent post!

    1. :0) Hey Nancy! Glad to see you here and glad you’ve been kicking it out there in the sun and breeze. I’ve been working with Alliance for Success as the social media support for speakers and. Wow. Great work but the sun calls me loudly… Thanks for stopping in.

      1. If you plan a trip to Arizona please let me know. This is the very best time to be here . Even in Flag where the sun shines most every day warming up the thin, cold air.

        1. One of my oldest (in duration, as opposed to actual age!) friends now lives in Santa Fe and I hope to head west sometime in the next 12 months. Who knows? Go a lil further and there’s AZ! Wish I could take it even farther west and go all the way to California. It’s been 25 years since I’ve been there. I’ll never forget the painted desert as we stopped in AZ along the way…and the air, as you say, thin. Nothing like this muggy southern soup!

          1. If you make it to Santa fe why not meet me at painted desert? I thk Curt & I will check it out soon. He’s never been & it’s been 30 some years since I have.

            If you do come for sun, please let me know. I’d love to meet you & spend sm tm with u.

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