International Women’s Day

Other than the ones I’ve deemed worthy, like birthdays and well, birthdays, (and when I was married, anniversaries) and the obligatory holidays, I don’t do pre-canned days, prescribed events, pre-planned observances, annual lah-tee-dahs…

Oh wait. But I do. I’m in this world and I provide social media support and that includes strategy and that involves well, today. And, it’s true, I do respect that these marked days draw our attention to what we might have otherwise taken for granted. But, for whatever reason, it’s not my natural inclination. My natural inclination is to go “Right, I need the world to set a date to remind me of what I value as if I wouldn’t otherwise? And I wouldn’t do anything about this otherwise, right? And, naturally, there’s something I should purchase today to show my dedication, sincerity, etc., right?” Yes. I can be that cynical and snotty.

But I do have nobler parts. And they’re in the game today and seeing it as something other than a GAME.

Here’s a lovely quote from Liza Donnelly I appreciate: “When you become a woman, there is no manual,  you have to figure out how to “do” being a women by doing it. You watch other women, read magazines, listen to your mother, sister, grandmother. You practice being a woman and adjust how you do it by the reactions you get. For example, wearing a really short skirt gets one kind of reaction from men, another reaction from women. By performing your gender, you learn how to “do” it from how others respond to you.

If there is one thing women have in common around the world, other than anatomy,  it is that we have to be constantly aware. Women need to be alert to their surroundings not only to avoid possible physical harm to their bodies, they have to be aware of whether or not they are performing their role as women correctly.  Because in many societies, if they do not perform their roles correctly, they can be ostracized, or much worse.  In many parts of the world, women are in constant danger because of their membership in this group.  In too many parts of the world, women are not free.”

She has a knack for drawing, to put it mildly: 

And then there’s a man I find perpetually addressing the heart of the matter, Jeff Brown: “Dear Divine Feminine, Me and my brothers are readying for our movement into the heart as a way of being. It’s a slow-winged process, but we are dropping down a little more with every lesson. Bless us with your ongoing support as we figure out how to feel our way home. We have some experience with the relational path, but not as much as you do. We have often moved with a heartfelt intention, but swimming in deep feeling is another experience entirely. We have been so vigilant for so long that it’s a challenge to relate to the moment vulnerably. We intuit that the life of the heart is the path home, but we need some time to embrace it, to integrate it, to understand how to move the way that loves makes you move. We have the willingness- we just have to learn how to convert our armoured nature into receptivity. We have for too long associated surrender with weakness. But it is not. It is the depths of courage- you have taught us that. Please be patient as we stumble back to our old patterns. We will not disappoint you, once we understand this new way. We will meet you there. At the gate to our shared heart.”

And it’s heart that keeps us busy with the work of respecting that somewhere in the layers of these nationally and internationally recognized days is a sincere opportunity to add a little extra love-in-action to what must be a perpetual mastery of the practice of love itself. That’s really what it’s all about. As idealistic and pollyanna la la la as it sounds, it’s a gritty, fierce, real, sometimes in-your-face, other times sweet sweat of work…love.

Social Media, Siren Song?

Content creation, sharing content, maintaining strong social presence…on and on. Where’s the saturation point? Is the internet the next big siren song, calling us to the rocks and currents of total overwhelm, consuming consumers? I’d like to respond to myself and say “probably not, stop the stupid melodrama!” But. Guess what? It’s endless. There’s one more platform of great pinterest and we can all tumblr our ways to huge social dividends as we stroll down the empire avenue and turn around 5 hours later with total fanny fatigue.

Yes. Fanny. Fatigue. At some point there has to be the scheduled (or how wonderful, spontaneous!) stroll down the literal road out the front door/side door/back door listening to the birds sing, feeling the breezes whip away all that glowing box barf. Yes, barf. Those screens barf a particular energy that literally has to be washed away.

And I love the internet. But the birds have a hell of a lot more pizzazz and spirit than this humming vibe of social media madness. (This comes after I’ve made my rounds on the relevant platforms, shook the hands, liked the posts, sold some shares and commented on everything from great quotes, awesome art to the latest insight into pinterest.)

The threat, to my relentless mind, is one of losing authenticity in the endless grasp for maintaining presence and ranking and. What’s the point when the world we brush up against with skin and muscle, breath and bustle fades in the glow of virtual “advancement?”

Can you say balance? It must be maintained, sustained, perpetuated and worshipped. Like the sun I turn my face to now on a regularly scheduled basis lest the glowing gore of social media madness take me forever in her song…