Mass Backward…

“Each soul has its share of genius, and genius has boldness in it and a core of imagination intended to transcend the common attitudes and collective patterns. That is axiomatic in great literature and wherever genuine imagination has had a chance to flourish. It is also a key to understanding how mass culture has gotten things mass backward. When someone’s inner genius is recognized and encouraged they will demonstrate something unique and unusual, they will bring a unique vision to contemporary issues and bring innovation where others would simply seek a piece of work. Genius is the spirit that is already there in each person, the inner intention, primary style and way of being that makes a true individual regardless of the pressure to conform to temporary social patterns and contemporary cultural fashions. At the individual level, each person is here to give something that is not just unusual, not only exceptional, but that is unique and valuable by its very nature.

The inner genius for life aspires to meaningful work and genuine purpose. It would have us undertake the seemingly-impossible tasks of transforming culture and helping to heal nature, not because the world can be saved or redeemed in a hurry, but because it is the impossibility of the great problems and projects of life that awakens the sleeping genius within and changes work from a simple job to a life-long, life-enhancing project that serves the dignity and nobility of one’s soul as well as the well-being of one’s community.” Michael Meade

The previous quote is from this amazing, beautiful article:


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