New What?!

Things I’ve seen, been touched by, moved by, otherwise disturbed or encouraged by in the past month and 8 days…

…grass growing up from the cracks, carving inevitability across sidewalks of “progress”

…hearts reuniting after months of estrangement and breathing a sigh of relief in the refreshing flow

…lives suddenly torn away from each other by the oddest, most revealing turn of events (with some lingering unfortunate confusion)

…overhearing two of my children conversationally saying “I don’t think you realize how much I love you…” (!!!!!!!!!) (they were dealing with relationship strain, beautifully, and the one who said it first was NOT the female. that’s the kind of argument you like to overhear…)

…the news of a beautiful 23 year old in India dying after the most horrifying example of inhumanity

…the proclamation of Newtown, CT “We choose love…”

…realizations of love as a conspiracy in spite of all the tyranny and violence suggesting otherwise

…renewal of faith in fate (married passionately to free will, of course)

…free-falls into grace

…a shimmering color-filled halo around the moon with barefoot laughter and kids dragged out of bed to watch (on holiday)

…a string of “coincidental” encounters speaking purpose bigger than my own designs

…a cat fight (or 2?) o.O

…friendships strengthened

…concerts calling a symphony of diversity

…paradox making meaning

…the release of singing 5 minutes of my life as a musical

…brewing schemes for more good wickedness

…recognition (the annual one) that “new” year is a great concept, allowing us the opportunity to reflect and review our lives, and wish others all the best but it’s also just another day…

And that’s the stuff I can share…

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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

5 thoughts on “New What?!

  1. BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY SPIRIT……I’m baaaaccckkkkk! Bopped by to let You know I’ll be blogging again, and surprise surprise! I got gifted COWRAZY beauty! LOVE this post, and adore You and all the beauty You spread pretty much every time You sit at Your computer as far as I can see!
    Thank You, Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  2. It has been a confusing time, I totally agree, the loss of innocence of little lives yet to lived and smiles etched into our memory, my brain wondering why men are so cruel in other lands as well to women. Knowing they are also that way here, but our laws persecute when we find them. Wanting all women to be protected from such anger and brutality. Thank you for the reminders Ruth. Love is not lost within our family, we must keep it there for sure.

    1. I think that’s the rub… to not allow those brutalities and losses to eat at what is within our power in the now, with our families and those we are fortunate to love with our daily lives.

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