Love Thy Neighbor…

Even if they trap cats for the pound to take and “euthanize” if unclaimed…

Even if they have made sure two of your cats get trapped…

this one would chase cars...
this one would chase cars…

Even if you go with your daughter the first time and she bawls in the middle of a holding room with cages labeled “M” and “T” and “W” and “TH” and so forth since they murder these cats after 72 hours, the cages full of cats looking confused and scared…

Even if thy said neighbors go to church every Sunday AND trap cats

AND have access to one of the best commandments ever…

Love. Thy. Neighbor. (as thyself)

I suppose they don’t love themselves too darn much. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy… wait. Love thyself first, ok? Give us ALL a break.

Pardon my King James dumbness. I was raised on it and I can’t manage to quote scripture without thees and thous and thys and oh my…

2013 has begun with some wonderful holiday memories carrying me into the challenge of loving my neighbor. I have to say, I’m not feelin’ the love. Not one “thy” has therefore ousted my angst. But underneath that angst is this awareness of their right to their um, desire, to um, facilitate the killing of cats.

I’ve felt angry enough to qualify as murderously enraged. I guess this makes me no better than my neighbors.

I’ve had fantasies of creating a catapult for hurling the cat litter (for my one terminally stupid housebound adorable black cat) scoopings across the street and into their yard, onto their roof, slamming against their windows, landing on their cars.

I’ve conjured scenarios of sending anonymous postcards with the words “Bite Me” on the front and a black frazzled looking cat glaring at them with the one message on the back: “Meow.”

I’ve imagined painting cat paw prints down their driveway.

And so many other scenarios silly. The one that I may actually act on is one of buying them a huge gift bag full of cat repellent and old pots and pans (with instructions on how to bang together to scare cats out of their yard) as well as a whistle (for the purpose of scaring cats away). I’ll probably include a book on the symbolism of cats. What else? How cats represent the feminine and how those who hate cats. Ok, maybe not that one.  Any ideas on what else to put in the bag? Let me know in comments!

Did I mention I’m not feeling the love?

Bite me.

brilliant but still a sucker for baited cat traps...
brilliant but still a sucker for baited cat traps…

(I don’t know why the image above is sideways. It didn’t show as such in my picture manager, but a lopsided perspective is fitting.)


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2 thoughts on “Love Thy Neighbor…

  1. That’s hard. To put it mildly. I empathize. I am so sorry for the situation, but SOOOOOO Happy for the kitties that You are there, in their zone…..doing whatever…..sending energy…..bringing awareness or at least trying to. Your anger is beyond understandable. And I smile that the picture posted sideways…..a reflection of Your neighbor’s way of thinking? Cheers, Namaste, and Good Luck….

    1. :0) It is beyond understandable, isn’t it? And yet I do find myself wanting to be bigger than all of that. I like to think or hope I’ll not be ugly should I have to face them. “ugly” meaning asking pointed questions like “Why do you facilitate the killing of cats, especially making sure your neighbors cats are trapped?” Oh and “how is this loving your neighbor?”

      I’m trying not to judge them. Some days are better than others. :0) so glad for your happy face around here Katy!

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