The Bee Mistress

Found this lovely spin via Stray Letters from the Moon…

do not
believe in
God because I’ve
never seen him. If he
wanted me to believe in him,
then surely he would come and speak
with me. He would come in through my door
saying, ‘Here I am!’ But if God is the hive and
the honeybee, and pollen and nectar and sun and moon,
then I believe in her and I believe in her at every moment, and my
life is a prayer and a celebration and a communion with the eyes
and through the ears. I honor her by living spontaneously,
as a woman who opens her eyes and truly sees, and
I call her the hive and the honeybee and pollen
and sun and moon, and I love her
without thinking of her, and
I think of her by seeing
and hearing, and
I am with her,

The Bee Mistress – Simon Buxton’s The Shamanic Way of the Bee

Thanks Pierre…

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11 thoughts on “The Bee Mistress

      1. Home,
        where poetry like bees
        flutters and stings
        precious fire into our skin,
        flaming inward stars
        as serpents awaken
        and waters spin.

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