Posted by: jruthkelly | March 22, 2010

Sacred Path

“Our personal progress is a matter of free will. How deep we are willing to go to reach understanding depends ultimately upon our desire to become explorers. We can see ourselves as victims being tossed between bliss and despair, or we can look deeper and begin to take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions. When we choose to change, refusing to become victims, we have chosen to see life from the eye of Eagle. The power of personal connection to the Creator and to spirituality is found in the individual who is willing to commit to life’s paths of initiation. When we acknowledge that we are spiritual beings who are willing to fight in the trenches of human self-empowerment, insisting on personal integrity, we have chosen to test ourselves by entering the paths of human initiation that lead to authentic wholeness.” Jamie Sams – Dancing the DREAM…

These wise words bolster me for the week and upcoming months of change. Sams’ insights speak to the heart of where I’ve been and where I’m going.

On. With. It.

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  1. […] and have appreciated being able to actually breathe after my midterm. I read the reactions to the last post and sift through my own thoughts. I look at Sams’ statement here and it grabs […]

  2. Some days there is alot of path clearing to do. Oh well, I guess that’s part of the fun.

    • amen sister. and sometimes it ain’t that fun. there are wholly needful seasons of taking the time to see clearly how the actions of others really have injured us. whether we unconsciously or intentionally brought their ways into our world or not. injury is injury. and it creates obstruction and need to just rest and be and even allow self to be cared for as a victim. it’s only recently i’ve been able to get up off the gurney and start seeing my life beyond the land of therapeutic focus. but the path still has plenty to be cleared. big hugs to you, my friend.


    the best blogger award,
    Happy Wednesday!
    miss you in the spot! ;)

    • Huuugs to JI! And thank you for including me once again. My world is calming down just a bit here and I look forward to haunting your blog and commenting. oxo…

  4. Loved the quoted passage … but ouch! LOL I think I am still hoping for a multiple choice exam rather than the initiation onto the path of personal integrity and wholeness, but when all is said and done, perhaps the path chooses us and we must simply choose whether we will follow it or reject it. Pioneer or victim — growth or stagnation (death) … the choice should be obvious but it is a difficult road to into unknowns and we do not like not knowing. Anyway … don’t mind me … thanks for sharing this.

    • well michael. tsk tsk. you got an F. we’ll plaster it on your chest. are you ready?


      to choose (and to choose not to choose! no “gotta” here). It’s not about performing or measuring up or. Sometimes awareness only makes us more sophisticated performance monkeys hoping to win a treat in the name of personal integrity (no integrity there!). Sometimes personal integrity just boils down to knowing what you want and knowing if your wants are born from authenticity or reactions in shame and fear or pride or control. Then…


      we just need to take the multiple choice exam by closing our eyes and letting the pencil land where it lands. ;)

  5. wonderful words…thanks for me much to think on…

    • thanks for stopping by! and me too, plenty to weigh. best…

  6. Magic. Brilliant. Needed!!!! THANK YOU FOR THESE WORDS! Yes. I’ve been maticulously watching my thoughts and choices and….these words:

    “….commit to life’s paths of initiation…”

    blew my mind. They all did. What a GREAT gift You just gave me. I’m taking it with in my heart. THANK YOU. Bon Voyage, My friend! Cheers and Namaste All. :)

    • Jamie Sams is a powerhouse of insight and encouragement. So glad it touched you… :) Big hugs…

  7. I am just * so * comforted by your presence, Ruth. I am definitely with you in heart, spirit, and love. Keep going sweetheart.

    And have you ever thought of a specialty in transpersonal psych…?

    xoxo Kristy

    • It so goes both ways. You’re not alone. I feel a real companionship with your path. Aye…I have thought of it. And my path seems to be heading me in that direction. One step at a time… My problem is an overabundance of interest in so many things. But I feel myself settling in and committing more fully in many areas of my life. Your presence and expression on your blog give me tremendous clarity. oxo…

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