Sacred Sit-In

I’m about to head off to class and have appreciated being able to actually breathe after my midterm. I read the reactions to the last post and sift through my own thoughts. I look at Sams’ statement here and it grabs me…

“The power of personal connection to the Creator and to spirituality is found in the individual who is willing to commit to life’s paths of initiation.” Jamie Sams – Dancing the Dream…

I’d say that the power of personal connection to the Creator and to spirituality is found in the individual who has decided to face his or her limitations and to simply enjoy the current “location” of development. Whether temporarily or permanently. So would Jamie Sams. But I felt it was worth noting. We are amazing conduits of Source whether we’re working hard at the “paths of initiation” or just unfolding into our days. But we tend to forget that.

It’s too easy to take a level of awareness in transformation and turn it into the next big standard/shovel burying us where we are because we’re not “there” yet. Every step is valid. And sometimes we really are victims and need to acknowledge and heal.

sacred sit-in, j. ruth kelly, all rights reserved
sacred sit-in, j. ruth kelly, all rights reserved

So, here’s to sacred sit-ins . . .

and sit-downs and lie-downs and.

Resting into a trust of our inherent capacity to grow whether we “commit” to it or not.



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I live... for love... for truth that liberates... for growth... for beauty... for intelligent, soulful connection and so much else.

10 thoughts on “Sacred Sit-In

  1. I like the “unfolding into our days”. For many years I thought I had to do and be and strive and seek. One day, I learned that I couldn’t help but do that by living each day.

    1. it’s like asking whether the flowers strive…or the sky…nature brings us back to nature…no? when i’m getting nutty, i have to put my barefeet on the grass and look up at the sky. ah. ha.
      thank you for dropping in. really appreciate your creativity…

    1. Jingle…thank you for this…it was stuck in spam for some insane reason and i just now saw it and approved it. really odd! and you’re right. but for me, success is something richer than big houses…and money. it’s that progress in growth i want to see. and sometimes, sometimes it requires i just sit. 🙂 huuuuugs…

  2. Heylo Most Wonderful Woman! Thank You for this. It is essential for me to remember the sacredness of every turn, every nook and cranny on this adventure. I am SO happy when I’m just being. As soon as I start to compare myself to what society says is successful I freak and spin my wheels and panic and completely forget the DIVINITY of unfolding and being and NOW. Once again You gift me so beautifully with Your words. And that adorable picture gave me a great smile! Big Hugs and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    1. Me too!!! Being, flowing, growing is the stuff of all our lives, whether we reach the “heights” of what most recognize as “success” or not. Whatever the final breath of my life holds, I want to know I spent my days in a richness of soulful being, a jive nourishing me and anyone else with whom I’m privileged to flow, grow…know. Big hugs…

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