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This lovely image feels appropriate for the day. I can’t see a butterfly and not appreciate the work of transformation in my own world. This photo comes courtesy of Dave Grant, once again. And perfect timing since today marks the 42nd year of my life – a life not unfamiliar with intense metamorphosis.
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11 thoughts on “Vital Visual

  1. a beautifully well composed photo. The Butterfly is beautiful all by itself and the composition of the object, the surface upon which it sits, and the shadow and depth it gives makes it nearly perfect.

    Hope you don’t mind that I am linking you. Found you in Tooty’s blog.

    1. Thanks…great to hear from you and of course I don’t mind the link. Dave’s photos keep my blog looking good these days. Don’t know what I’d do if he didn’t travel and “shoot!” Peace…

  2. Happy belated birthday!! I too have been inundated with butterflies this week. Everytime I see one, I smile. Now I’ll smile even bigger, because I’ll think also of you! I have been thinking of you for less beautiful reasons lately, as I begin my college statistics class. I try to remember the positive energy you attached to yours, and somehow try to pull through. 😉 Love ya!

    1. Thanks Kristy! Gulp…you need to read my next post to see how it’s going in Statistics. I got to learn some things (besides a bit of Statistics!) the hard way…
      love and hugs…

    1. Mr. Nolan, I am glad to hear from you. So, I must see what a Budlea tree is like. I’ve a bush that’s god awful ugly when it’s not blooming but wow how the butterflies adore it. It does make the year, doesn’t it?

  3. hey! happy birthday
    painted wings inspire grand
    cycles never end…

    Wow! I hope You have a WONDERFUL day! What a gorgeous way to celebrate…thinking about the butterfly. In true Hobbit fashion You are gifting others on Your birthday! Thank You for this post, as I am going through a transformation (when are we not?!) and it is VERY helpful at the moment for me to remember that’s all it is. Cheers and Namaste! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the well wishes! And the cheer. Transformation sometimes feels more like the bottom of the garbage heap but eventually the perspective shifts, like when the butterfly floats by reminding.

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