Sunshine Award

Yesterday Yousei (Cuz!) graced me with a much-needed burst of sunshine …


Yousei’s beautiful blog shines her own unique warmth and creativity rich with compassion and insight…

Shiteki Na Usagi
poetry, photos, stories and thoughts

Yousei graces my blog with a wealth of kindness and friendship. I love what she says here on her About page:

I want to remember and smile at happiness and sorrow, just as I used to when I could reread my past journals, now lost.  These are my memories, my secrets, the glimpses of me.

And those glimpses are beautiful, a nourishing excursion into soul.

As part of this sunshine fest I’ve highlighted below those blogs that spread light into my world and provide wonderful insights, depth, humor and grace for anyone in love with life and life’s trails of meaning (and mayhem). They, too, deserve a big blast of sunshine award…

  1. High Mountain Muse
  2. Stark Raving Zen
  3. Jaymie Thorne’s Personal Musings
  4. BlissBait
  5. Gryphon’s Aerie
  6. Purple’s Platitudes
  7. Tangentially Tooty
  8. Jingle
  9. Booshy
  10. Calliope’s Pen
  11. Wisdom Path Art
  12. Splendiferous Spectacle
  13. A Star Danced
  14. Messages From The Wind

14 is my favourite number these days so I had to take it beyond the 12. These blogs all capture my interest and keep me checking in on their feasts of creative spill…so…happy sunshine to each one! Grab the award and post it on your blog or just enjoy the appreciation in your own way.

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21 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. Hey! CONGRATULATIONS to You and EveryOne and THANK YOU!!!! How wonderful! You brighten my days for sure, and I’m honoured that I bring a smile to You!

    I can’t for the life of me remember how to put awards in the widget spot…. can You please tell me? Ack!

    Big Hugs and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    1. 🙂 Gee whizzers, I wish I’d seen the question about widgets before now. I think I just took the photo and copied it, then pasted it into a widget. Pretty sure I used the text widget.

  2. Thank you Ruth!! Your words have always been a splash of sunshine to me, so how sweet that you have bestowed the little gift back to me! Love you, Sunshine! 🙂


  3. So, I’m washing the dishes in front of my kitchen window and watching the snow falling in these big chunky flakes, lost in my own world, when the computer beeps and your message comes through and brings me back to here and now. Thank you.

    Yes, my friend, “a bit of warmth” as you called this. As warm and welcomed as a sincere hug. Thank you, Ruth. I am honored to be blessed with the consideration of your award, and to be in the company of such sincerity, beauty and grace as I see from the list you have compiled. A good world out there, I am most pleased to be a part of it in whatever simple way I may.

    Thank you, Ruth, and cheers to the talented and beautiful world before us, of which we ALL are a part.

  4. I was so pleased to see that you have received a Sunshine Award. Your blog provides a wealth of comfort and warmth, Sunshine Award make sense. 🙂 Thank you for passing the honor along to me, I am honored. Let the sun shine!

    1. blue skies today!! it bolsters the burgeoning blast of sun 😉 thank you jaymie. i confess i’m sheepishly grinning at the notion of me with any sunshine award these days. but i receive it as the ray of light and comfort it is. my blog friends uncover the sun… yousei was very sweet to shine on me.

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